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15 Jan 2019

Western District ADM report

HCACR Western District held their ADM on 12th January 2019, hosted by St Mary’s, Hemel Hempstead. The meeting was chaired by Tony Crowther, County Secretary. Western District meetings follow a familiar format: ringing for 90 minutes, a service in church, the business meeting, a scrumptious tea provided by the host tower, then further ringing before gathering in a local pub. After efficiently completing the set business, we moved onto the election of officers, although in this case it was largely a re-election, as our officers do such a fabulous job! There have been two key changes due to time-served; namely to our Ringing Master and Deputy. They are now respectively Karen Dunn (from Hemel Hempstead) and Sue Bassett (from Kings Langley). Grateful thanks were given to Liz Middleton and Su Gambling for their combined years of energy and excellence in these roles.

The Western District has a lively and enthusiastic membership, and holds well-attended monthly meetings for ringers of all standards. As an adult learner, I have found a warm welcome and plenty of advice to help develop my skills and confidence. At the ADM, I found myself volunteering to undertake the role of reporting to Ringing World, without really knowing what is involved, nor my fellow ringers knowing if I can write. In The Olde Kings Arms afterwards, I was enthusiastically contemplating writing a regular article in the style of Tim Dowling. Turned out that none of the company reads the Saturday Guardian. Here begins a journey of discovery for us all.

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Anne Heywood

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