St. Albans District

The St Albans District embraces 20 towers, centred around the four ringing towers in St Albans but stretching to Essendon in the East, Barnet in the South and Kings Walden in the North. We are an active District striving to support towers' efforts in training learners. There are monthly meetings on each third Saturday either in the morning or the evening, of which two also encompass a traditional ringers' tea. Social events are also arranged according to the likely support expected. All ringers are very welcome at St Albans District meetings. If you are a newcomer to ringing and live in the St. Albans area please call the District Secretary for details of your nearest tower and who to contact.

District Officers

Ringing Master
Richard Sales
Telephone : 01727 845255

District Secretary
Vivian Nutton
225, Sandpit Lane
St Albans
Telephone : 01727 831623

Janet Penney

County Committee Representative
Richard Sales
Telephone : 01727 845255

County Bell Fund Trustee
Richard Sales
Telephone : 01727 845255

Newsletter Editor
Rob Goss

Committee Member
Alison Evans

Committee Member
Ben Quinn

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