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The association owns a library containing rare ringing books, handwritten peal books recording all peals rung for the Association, and documenting the history of the Association. The following is a list of the items held in the library. For information about how to access items in the library contact the Honorary Librarian

Change Ringing
350 Surprise Royal and Maximus MethodsA J Corriganc1964
A Simple Method of Extracting False Course Heads from Major Royal and MaximusA R Carter
Art & Science of Change Ringing (1st Edn)W Bannister1874
Art & Science of Change Ringing (3rd Edn)W Bannister1887
Art of Change RingingB Thackrah1852
Campanalogia (Bell News Reprint)W Shipway1886
Campanalogia (Original copy but many pages missing)Stedman1677
Campanalogia (Original copy) some original pages missing pp193-224 but made ?complete? with photocopiesStedman1677
Campanalogia Elements ofW Sottanstall1867
Campanalogia Elements of (1st Edition)H Hubbard1845
Campanalogia Elements of (2nd Edition)H Hubbard1854
Campanalogia Elements of (3rd Edition)H Hubbard1868
Campanalogia Elements of (4th Edition)H Hubbard1876
Campanalogia Improved (5th (Monk) Edition)J D & C M1766
Campanalogia Improved (Original copy but many pages missing)J D & C M1702
Campanalogia New (Reprint 1975)Blakemore1796
Change RingingW G Wilson1965
Change Ringing (4th Edition)C A W Troyte1869
Change Ringing DisentangledW W Wigram1880
Change Ringing DisentangledW W Wigram1871
Circuits of Stedman Caters (Broadsheet)J Carter1906
Clavis Campanalogia (1st Edition) (starts at page 41)Jones Reeves & Blakemore1788
Clavis Campanalogia (Key to the Art of Ringing) (Longman Edition complete)Jones Reeves & Blakemore1796
Collection of Compositions of Grandsire & Stedman Caters1961
DuffieldA P Heywood1888
East Herts Archaeological Transaction vol 9 Pt 2. 1935--Vol 11 Pt 4.L H Chambers1943/4
Grandsire TriplesW H Thompson1886
Handbook of Grandsire CatersE C Shepherd1964
How to learn Change Ringing without an InstructorC Pearson1887
Installation Preservation & Repair of Bells Frames & Fittings1948
Instruction & Diagrams for BeginnersLancs Assn1948
Lead EndsC D P Davies1918
Method Splicing ? Practical HintsJ P Fidler1925
Method Structure in Change RingingA York-Bramble1965
Mysteries unveiled - Treatise on Stedman TriplesJoseph W Parker
Odds and Ends of Grandsire TriplesC D P Davies1929
Ringers HandbookE S Powell
Rules & Diagrams for Instruction of BeginnersLancs Assn1928
Rules & Diagrams for Instruction of BeginnersLancs Assn1937
Symbolic Treatment of False Course HeadsM Hodgson
The Bell News Index 1881--1915Cyril A Wratten1973/2002
The Bellringer's Bedside CompanionSteve Coleman
The Bellringer's Early CompanionSteve Coleman
The Bob Caller's CompanionSteve Coleman
The Method Ringer's CompanionSteve Coleman
The Ringing World Index 1911--2003Cyril A Wratten2003
Tintinnalogia 1668 - Bell News reprint 1895Duckworth1668
Tintinnalogia 1668 - Kingsmead reprint 1970Duckworth1668
Union TriplesW H Thompson1893
Village BellsJ Howes1946
Bells & History
A Century of Ringing at Kings Langley 1895 -- 1995Daphne W Barker1995
A History of Christ Church Society of Bell Ringers1874-1994 (Southgate)Dennis Wilcocks1994
A Short Touch by a Grandsire Ringer (Poem)J S Stewart1871
A Transcription of a conversation on ringing topicsChris & Robin Woolley1960
Arts of ChurchB H Walters1908
Belfries and RingersH T Ellacombe1871
Belfries and RingersH T Ellacombe1861
Bellringers Guide to Church Bells of BritainR H Dove1968
Bells and Bellfounding X Y ZLlewellyn & James1879
Bells in EnglandT Ingram1954
Bells of the Isle - Bob MajorR Harrison
Book about BellsG S Tyack1898
Casting a Bell for Exeter Cathedral in 1372J G M Scott1969
Change Ringing History Vol 1J Sanderson1987
Change Ringing in EssexJoe Roast
Church Bells CatalogueMears & Stainbank
Church Bells and some Parish Clerks of Hertfordshire Nos 1 & 2L H Chambers
Church bells of Britain 6th Ed.R H Dove1982
Development of British Bell FittingsTrevor S Jennings
English Bells and their TuningE A Young1928
Hertfordshire BellfoundersJoyce Dodds2003
History and Art of Change RingingE Morris1931
History and Art of Change RingingE Morris1937
History and Art of Change Ringing (New Edition)E Morris1974
History of Cambridge University Guild (Vol II)1929-1954
History of Ringing in HertfordshireH V Frost1955
History of Ringing in HertfordshireL G Goodman1971
History of Ringing in St.Albans (1729-1889)H V Frost1963
History of St Mary The Virgin Bells WestmillMichael Thody1998
History of St Stephens Bells St AlbansAlison McFarlane1998
Manual for Ringers
Method 300
Singing SpiresVan Assumburg
Sound of Bells (45rpm record missing)E C Shepherd1964
Sound of Bells (with 45rpm record)E C Shepherd1964
Ten & Twelve bell compositions1972
Towers and Bells of BritainE Morris1955
Variations and TranspositionTrollope1936
Central Council Publications
Central Council Handbook1956
Central Council Library Catalogue Part I1979
Central Council Library Catalogue Part II1983
Change Ringing on Handbells1959
Collection of Composition in Popular Major Methods1950
Collection of Doubles Methods1961
Collection of Doubles and Minor Methods1949
Collection of Legitimate Methods1907
Collection of Minor Methods1961
Collection of Peals I1903
Collection of Peals II1904
Collection of Peals III1908
Collection of Plain Major Methods1952
Collection of Plain and Major and Cater Methods1926
Collection of Right-Place Surprise Major Methods1963
Collection of Surprise Compositions
Collection of Surprise Methods in place notation1964
Complete Collection of Clear Proof Scale Surprise Major Methods1969
Compositions of Stedman Caters and Cinques1961
Elementary Handbook for Beginners1959
Elementary Handbook for Beginners1962
Glossary of Technical Terms1901
Handbook of Grandsire Caters (2nd Edition)1964
Incidence of Falseness in Right Place Surprise Major Method1963
Installation Preservation and Repair of Bells Frames and Fittings1892
Law Affecting Church Bells1931
Major Methods Method Splicing Part 2
Methods Committee Report on Extension1953
On Conducting1960
Preservation and Repair of Bells1962
Report of the Committee on Catalogue of Peals1894
Report of the Committee on Catalogue of Peals1893
Ringing for Service1961
Rules of Central Council of Church Bell Ringers
Spliced Minor CollectionCCCBR1986
Towers and Bells Handbook1974
Towers and Bells Handbook1973
Snowdon Publications
Double Norwich Court Bob Major1884
GrandsireJ A Trollope1948
GrandsireJ W Snowdon1888
GrandsireJ W Snowdon1905
Standard Methods (Diagrams)1881
Standard Methods (Diagrams)1892
Standard Methods (Diagrams)1908
Standard Methods (Letterpress)1928
Standard Methods (Letterpress)1916
Standard Methods (Letterpress)1908
Standard Methods/Treatise on DuffieldSnowdon/Heywood1892
StedmanC D P Davies1903
StedmanJ A Trollope1938
Surprise MethodsC D P Davies1927
Treatise on Treble Bob - Part 11902
Treatise on Treble Bob - Part 21879
Treatise on Treble Bob - Parts 1 & 21878/9
A Great AdventureJ S Goldsmith1935
Among the Bells (Bound Volume)F E Robinson1909
Among the Bells Parts 1-17 (Part 15 missing)F E Robinson1909
Benjamin Annable - College Youths Bicentenary of his Mastership 1746-1946E A Young1946
College YouthsJ A Trolloope1937
John Briant - A Biography and List of his Bells and ClocksH C Andrews1930
Master of My Art Taylors 1784-1987Trevor S Jennings1987
Memoirs of Woolmore WigramWigram (Mrs)1908
Church Bells of
Aberdeenshire Parts I II IIIEeles & Coulston1956
BedfordshireT North1883
Berkshire (2nd Edition)F Sharpe1970
BuckinghamshireA H Cocks1897
CambridgeshireJ J Raven1869
CardiganshireF Sharpe1965
Cheshire Bells (Photocopied)J W Clark
Church bells of Essex (Photocopied)Deeds & Walters1909
DevonH Ellacombe1872
EnglandH H Walters1912
Exeter CathedralH Ellacombe1874
FlintshireR W Clouston1960
Guernsey Alderney and SarkF Sharpe1964
Herefordshire Volume IF Sharpe1966
Herefordshire Volume IIF Sharpe1969
Herefordshire Volume IIIF Sharpe1970
HertfordshireNorth & Stahlschmidt1886
Inscriptions on the church bells in Cambridgeshire (Photocopied)
KirkcudbridgtR W Clouston1966
LeicestershireT North1876
LincolnshireT North1882
SomersetH Ellacombe1875
SussexA D Tyssen1864
The Church Bells of HertfordshireGeoffrey Dodds1992
Personal Books
Ernest E Huntley Peal Book (1)
Frederick J Spicer Peal & Note Book (Folder & Book)Frederick J. Spicer
Frederick W Brinklow Peal Books (3)
Frederick W Brinklow's Peals 1--1171901--1911
George N Price Peal Books (2) Note Books (3)
George N Price Peals rung by 1893--1897C W Woolley
George Pope So. of Watford Union Youths Peal Book. Some colour prints1818--1827
J C Mitchell Early Handbell Peals (cuttings)
J Sanderson Check List of Ringing Books
Peals rung by Henry Hodgetts 1901--1949C W Woolley
T Clark Diaries and photographs
Thomas L Simmons peal book 1904--1912
William H Lawrence Peal Books (2)
Bell News Portraits Bound Volume
Church Bells Vols VI VII VIII IX XIII XVIII (1876-1888)
The Bell News Vols II - XIV (1883-1896)
The Bellringer Unbound parts 1907
The Ringing World Vols 1-7 (1911-1917) 1955 1968-1980
Other Items
Bound Annual Reports No.1 1884-1912
Bound Annual Reports No.2 1912-1934
Bound Annual Reports No.3 1932-1953 with General Secretary
Bound Annual Reports No.4 1954-1971 with General Secretary
Ledger Books No.1 1884Held at County Records Office
Minute Books No.1 1884Held at County Records Office
Minute Books No.2 1895Held at County Records Office
Peal Book No.1 28.02.1885 - 26.11.1902Held at County Records Office
Peal Book No.2 27.11.1902 - 30.12.1950Held at County Records Office
Peal Book No.3 12.01.1951 - 09.08.1972Held at County Records Office
Peal Book No.4 11.08.1972 -Held at County Records Office
Miscellaneous Items
A Bellringer's book of Brain BendersAngela Newing1978
Association Portrait Album
Association Tin Box
Bell Block for Life Membership Certificates
Bell Rubbings (presented by Mrs. L. Goodman)
Cassette - "Festalban 77" Highlights of the Centenary
Central Council Library List1991
Certificate Block (1930 design) for Membership Certificates
Dedication service sheets
Directory of Church Bell RingersBristol United Ringing Guilds1935
Directory of Church Bell RingersBristol United Ringing Guilds1928
Framed Photograph of peal board of Thurstons four part peal at Tring. First peal on the bells 25 February 1905 (2 hours 55 mins)
Framed Photograph of ringers of Thurstons one part peal at Stedman Triples non-conducted at St.George's Southwark 31 October 1901 (2 hours 58 mins)
Framed Photographs of Peal Board and Ringers of Peal of Bristol Surprise Major 12160 changes at Knebworth 8th April 1912 (7 hours 18 mins)
Gavel and Block presented by G W Debenham (President 1959)
Gavel and Block presented by Mrs. M A Coburn (President 1983-4)
Gramophone record of Spliced Surprise Major (handbells)
HCA Membership certificate (signed but blank)
Middlesex County Association Library List1991
Model Code of Ringers
Musical Handbell RingingW Gordon
Old style 8 Bell Competition Certificate (before renamed Coburn Trophy)
Old style Kimpton Cup Certificate (change 1989)
Royal Cumberland Youths Society Certificate - Arthur Day 19 June 1948
Rule Books and Reports of various Societies including Yorkshire bound reports 1932-1959
Scrap Book (presented by Miss Ayre in memory of W Ayre)

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