Most PCCs will have appointed a responsible adult to be the Safeguarding coordinator within the Church. This person is the first point of contact should any safeguarding issues be necessary. This persons name and contact details should be prominently displayed in the belfry.

The Tower captain and one other person (who are likely to be in charge of ringing or teaching young people) need to be Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) cleared. This can be done by contacting the vicar, the safeguarding officer or recruiter within your church. DBSs last for 5 yrs and after this time they will need to be renewed.

A permission to ring form should be completed by a parent/guardian before the young person learns to ring and kept safely by the tower captain. This can be downloaded from

Protecting Young Ringers- These are guidelines for Maintaining a Safe Environment for Young People in the Belfry and should be displayed in the tower. This document can be downloaded from

Carolyn Crawley is the Safeguarding Officer of the Association. She can be contacted by .

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